By your side from the beggining to the end of your project

Design office

Our engineers are at your side from the beginning to the end of your project. 

Founded in 1996, ATEIMI is known as a Research and Development specialist in the following fields :

  •  Design and assembly of mechanical sub-assemblies 

  •  Toolholder design for precision mechanics

  •  Design of mechanical assemblies and special machines according to our customers specifications

  •  Dimensioning of mechanical parts

We accompany our partners from the redaction of the requirement specifications, the design studies development, the dimensioning of the mechanical parts, the adjustment, the realization of the prototypes, the assembly and the mounting of the components.

The diversity of our references attests our recognized know-how in the fields of ; robotics, hydraulic and pneumatic connectors, aerospace, energy and the engineering of special machines.

The wide variety of our projects shows our innovative character for each conception studies and implementations of mechanical solutions according to your specifications. Our transversal expertise and our understanding of the mechanical trades allow us to carry and handle the entire project of our clients.

The company's technical staff accompanies the client throughout the project by offering innovative solutions, development (prototyping, testing, simulation of mechanical parts...), industrialization and the finalization of the finished product.

ATEIMI's design office is equipped with ; powerful CAO 3D softwares, calculating transmission structures and mechanical dimensioning means. 

Over the years, ATEIMI has been recognized by its industry partners, such as Stäubli, Mavic and Tornos as an innovative company regarding the technological solutions offered in different areas of design of mechanical systems. The diversity of our references demonstrates our recognized expertise.